Combined bearings









Combined bearings are particularly suitable for truck lift columns and all other shifting and convying systems requiring profiles.They can afford load from both axial direction at the radial bearings are particularly suitable for automation and shift systems, which do not require heavy axial load, and they come from the combined bearings and maintain the same features of construction.










Combined Bearing Series:

·Standard Combined Bearings
·Adjustable Combined Bearings
·Adjustable Combined Bearings for Heavy Industry
·Adjustable Combined Bearings with Eccentric Pin
·Adjustable Combined Bearings with Screw
·Adjustable Combined Bearings with Plastic Axial Roller
·Adjustable Combined Bearings for Steel Industry
·Combined Bearings for I Standard Profiles
·JUMBO Combined Bearings
·High Speed Combined Bearings
·Precision Radial Bearings















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