Needle Roller Bearing with Punched Outer Ring

Needle roller bearing with punched outer ring is a bearing unit composed of thin-wall outer ring, cage and needle rollers. It is characterized by utilizing grinding axes as raceway with very small radial-space structure, low cost and capability of bearing heavy load.

For un-quench hardening shaft, IR or LR series of inner ring can be adopted, and rigid base is required to be used for thin-wall outer ring so as to fully play its role in bearing capability. Being convenient for installation, it is widely used in the supporting and driving structures of auto, motorcycle and etc.

Types of Designs:

This kind of bearing has two types, one is punched-hole type, and the other sealed-hole type. Its suitable axial diameter is Φ6~Φ60mm. Multiple lip seal is available so as to prevent pollutant and water. It can be adopted for different occasions.

Product Precision Accuracy:

Mutual difference of needle rollers is 2μm, and the precision class is G2 (ISO GB309).

Thin-wall outer ring is affected by the accuracy of rigid bearing bracket.

It can also be defined according to the special requirements of customers.


Material for needle roller is GCr15 bearing steel.

Material for cages and punched thin-wall outer ring can be quality low-carbon steel.

Special Directions:

    Needle roller bearing with punched outer ring should be pressed into bearing bracket hole by assembling mandrel.

    Assembling mandrel shoulder needs to contact with bearing sign-face.

    Bearing can’t be tilted during installation.

    Limited by grease and sealing-element material, operation temperature is –300C---+1000C.

Design for Shaft and Bearing Bracket:

Bearing Bracket MTL

Bearing Bracket Tolerance

Shaft tolerance of outer ring with cage and roller assembly

Steel or Cast Steel



Light Metal


Roughness max.

Ra0.8 (Rzl)

Ra0.2 (rzl)

Roundness max.


25% of h6

Parallel max.


50% of h6

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