Needle Roller Bearing
   SLZ-Needle roller bearing is a bearing unit composed of machined outer ring & inner ring, cage and needle roller assembly featuring small section height, big load capacity & rigidity, compact structure and small size, high rotating accuracy with the structure of disposed inner ring.

Needle roller bearing is characterized by multiple structures, broad adaptability and easy installation.

It is widely used in auto, lathe, metallurgical, textile, printing industry & other various machinery equipment. With this kind of bearing, machine design can realize the goal of small-scale & lightweight.

Types of Designs:
This kind of bearing has multiple structural styles for the choice of customers, such as narrow & broad series, with or without inner races, cages, ribs or sealings. It can be designed according to the special structural requirements of customers as well.

Product Precision Accuracy:
Dimensional tolerance and geometrical accuracy is based on GB/T5801.
Mutual difference of needle roller diameter is 2μm, and the precision grade is G2 (ISO GB309).
The diameter of inscribed circle conforms to tolerance grade F6 before the fitting of outer ring with cage and roller assembly.

Bearing radial running clearance conforms to the value defined by 0 group of GB/T4604.
Special precision grade is based on GB/T307.1
For fuller information on the special requirements of bearing running clearance, inscribed circle and precision grade, please contact this company.

Material for needle roller is GCr15 bearing steel, quench-hardening HRC60---65.
Material for inner and outer races is GCr15 bearing steel, quench-hardening HRC61---65.
Material for cages is quality low-carbon steel or reinforced nylon.

Special Directions:
Bearing running clearance and inner-cutting roundness should be regulated according to different conditions.
Machine tools should be used for press-in fitting or thermal fitting of the bearing
Limited by plastic cages (suffixed with TN) and sealing-element material, operating temperature is -300C---+1000C.
For general-disposition design of bearings, refer to the relevant recommendation in the applied technology of rolling bearings.



SLZ—滚针轴承是由机加工外圈、内圈与保持架和滚针组件组成的轴承单元,剖面 高度小,负荷容量与刚性大,结构紧凑体积小,配置内圈的结构可得到较高的旋 转精度。
   FYB—滚针轴承产品结构多样、适应性广、易于安装。广泛用于汽车、机床、冶金 制造、纺织和印刷等各种不同类型机械设备上,使用该类轴承可实现机械设计的 小型化、轻量化。


   该类轴承有窄系列和宽系列、有内圈和无内圈、有保持架和无保持架满装、有 挡边和无挡边、有密封和无密封等多重结构形式供用户选择,也可根据用户特殊结构要求设计。




   GB/T5801—1994滚动轴承 轻中系列滚针轴承 外形尺寸和公差(GB-9)
   JB/T3588—1994滚动轴承 满装滚针轴承 外形尺寸和公差(JB-5)


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