Thrust Bearing and Its Components

SLZ---thrust bearing and its components is a unit composed of thrust cage and needle roller or cylindrical roller, or thrust ball with thrust washer. It can also consist work-pieces used separately. Featuring compact structures, capability of bearing single-direction axial force, high loading ability and high rigidity. It is widely used in lathe, metallurgical and textile machinery; motor, driving shaft, gearbox and other location & supporting location.

Types of Designs:
For bearing rolling body, various structures of thrust balls, needle rollers and cylindrical rollers are available.

For cages, materials of steel and non-ferrous metal can be chosen.
There are different structures of cages, such as machined & punched.

Product Precision Accuracy:
Dimensional tolerance and geometrical accuracy is based on GB/T307.
Matched cylindrical roller precision grade is Ⅲ (ISO GB/T4661).
Mutual difference of needle roller diameter is 2μm, and the precision grade is G2 (ISO GB309).
Matched steel ball accuracy is grade 20 (ISO GB/T308).

Material for rolling body is GCr15 bearing steel, quench-hardening HRC60---65.
Material for thrust washer is GCr15 bearing steel, quench-hardening HRC61---65.
Material for punched parts is quality low-carbon steel.
Material for cages is low-carbon steel or non-ferrous metal.

Special Directions:
Easy to mount, but axial preloading during installation is to be fully considered.

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